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I'm here! You're here! We're here!

It's been a while since I have managed a blog. Wayyyyy back in the day, I had a very active blog called The Beauty Cloud, it was everything to do with Fashion & Beauty. But my life has changed a lot since those days. My career has taken leaps and bounds in lots of different directions.

Right now, I'm loving where I'm at. My life is very much split into two areas, both equally as creative as the other. I have my career as a Makeup & Hair Designer where I focus a lot of my work in Theatre and Fashion and then the past few years I jumped head first into the unknown world of property renovations and interior design. I'm loving the balance of both of those in my life.

I have a huge amount of amazing followers on social media in both those areas, but sometimes, social media isn't the best platform if people are wanting to find my work on specific things. So in this blog, I've created two categories, so you can easily stick your head into the Interiors side of my work if that's what you're into, or have a nosey in the Makeup and Hair Design side if you love that side of things. Then I've added a third section, which is home life. This section is for other big news and perhaps personal projects or products which are specifically related to the two main sections, but I think that you might like.

I've also added a members section where you can then interact with the posts and other members who have similar interest to you. We will have member giveaway's, guest speakers (or writers) and chances to earn yourselves some community badges along the way.

So bear with me, this is my first post, and where there may not be much to see now, if you subscribe, you will be kept up to date when new posts are live.

I'm so glad we are all here and I'm looking forward to interacting with you all!

All the love,




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